Manuel de révolte au travail

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  1. Il manque encore une trentaine de cases, afin de suivre l’évolution du bureau. Ils réinventent le feu (plus pratique en hiver, quand même), la métallurgie (pour chasser, ça rend des services), et ainsi de suite jusqu’à l’informatique. Et la dernière case contenant exactement la même chose que la toute première. Non?

  2. La paix enfin :) que c’est beau.
    Ont devrait tout etre libre de faire ce qu’on veut

  3. A bunch of nice responses in French and then two drooling shitheads whom, naturally, are English speakers.

  4. tres bon – and that is where my HS french ends. It would be nice if all just revolted from our corporate jobs and decided to become neo-hippies turning office buildings into ecosystems but then we would have to give up our computers and the internet in the process and you couldn’t share cool [stuff] like this all across the world…

  5. Ça m’a fait rire! C’est une belle idée, mais il y a beaucoup de gens qui je ne veux pas voir nu… XP

  6. Great! Sign me up. As a former wealthy person who now enjoys poverty, I can claim factual experience to know that poverty can hold as much happiness as wealth. Frankly, I think I am happier. I certainly laugh more and I am far more relaxed. I did enjoy the yacht however.

  7. if they wanna live like that why didn’t they just move to africa….what a bunch of losers

  8. Sentí que faltaban comentarios en español, así que los felicito por compartir estas instrucciones. Ala mejor el calentamiento global fomentara más revoluciones contra el trabajo!

  9. C’etait tres bonne! j’aime ca. Je parle l’anglais aussi. je pense que dans le futur il y a beaucoup des choses qui va arriver!

  10. i can’t say i can read french but i definately like the idea! also, the picture 2nd to last is practically a work of art. very nice :)

  11. Hmm… french language, I have a translator.

    « Sigh
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    With bunch off Nice responses in French and then two drooling shitheads whom, naturally, are English speakers. »

    While i may agree that some English trolls may have escaped on to your website;
    I do not find that ‘English speakers’ are all « drooling shitheads ».
    Most of the free world (and a large portion of the 3rd) speak fluent English, NOT French. Unless you count
    French Canadians, and they don’t count because they are not real people.


    1. French Canadians are not real people … ? Seriously ?

      Je ne comprends pas pourquoi dans un commentaire qui se veut contre la généralisation de la stupidité anglophone, tu as le temps et l’énergie d’écrire une phrase blessante envers un peuple qui n’a rien fait de mal… à l’exception de parler français.

  12. This is interesting. Hello to all our french friends. :D I do not speak french, although conjecture allowed me to guess the general meaning of your words.

    I enjoyed this very much, but I do have a few things to say that are more serious in nature. I hope I’m not being a buzzkill.

    In todays dehumanizing society, it can be tempting to throw down our gadgets and live in the woods. There is certainly an appeal to this. It is simple, and it sheds many of the baseless ‘rules’ we apply to ourselves that serve no practical purpose.

    However I believe these rules have nothing to do with technology. All of the strenuous relationships of the worlds are caused on some level by two things. 1. A scarcity of resources. and 2. People being assholes. These things mutually perpetuate themselves until it escalates to war, or a fight. Technology, if the rich and powerful let it, will eventually increase the availability of resources. For example, the Japanese are working on building a giant solar panel on the moon. This could provide a massive amount of energy. If there is enough of something it loses its value, and you don’t have to be a dick about sharing with people.

    This is my vision of the future. Maybe it’s unrealistic, and people are too full of sh*t to let it happen. Who knows. But I think that someday, technology will make it possible.

    That is all.

    1. Hello Hudson,
      I share totally your point of view and I would add that human nature keeps the ancestral memory of its origin of life that is exactly the living in the woods… Are we involuntary masters of ours’ destiny? Or are we victims of « Someone else »..?
      Find enjoy in these questions…

  13. Shit hot. I’m so glad i scrolled into the comments section, that was a good read. Top shelf thinking

  14. Uauuu… adorei o manual! Imagine ffazer essa revolução^! Q hilário!!!
    Parabéns… vc é super criiativo!

    Como está seu portugues???

  15. this is just fucking awesome. shit happend so fast. next thing you know they are living with animals growing shit on the bathroom in an ofice building hahah

    also.. NIGERS!!

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